Hackers ‘Without Conscience’ Target Health-Care Providers

  • Criminals are taking advantage of pandemic to launch cyber-attacks
  •  Encrypting records could keep doctors from accessing vital patient data

News Provided by BloombergAt a time when health-care providers are struggling to handle an influx of patients suffering from Covid-19, medical facilities in the U.S. and Europe have seen a surge of ransomware attacks, as criminal groups seek to exploit the crisis to hit the sector when it’s at its most vulnerable.

In an update by Bloomberg today, C5 Capital CEO and Founder, André Pienaar comments, “We have now seen a number of instances where clinical labs involved in testing, or major hospitals, have suffered ransomware attacks, where all their IT systems have been knocked down.”

It is with a spirit of support for our healthcare providers fighting the on frontlines of this epidemic that C5 has created an alliance of cybersecurity companies, to provide free assistance to hospitals and clinics in the U.K. and Europe.

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