C5’s strength as an investor comes from our deep understanding of technologies that make up the secure data ecosystem, including cyber security, cloud infrastructure, and applied data analytics.

It is our mission to nurture a secure digital future and we are committed to creating value beyond profit. We do this by supporting and scaling innovation at the businesses of tomorrow through C5 Accelerate and by raising awareness of technology’s role in tackling issues such as conflict resolution, trafficking, corruption and resource scarcity through C5 Philanthropy.

C5 Accelerate
C5 Philanthropy

At C5 Accelerate we are committed to supporting and scaling innovation in the core areas in which our firm invests.

We operate an intensive global accelerator program designed to help take leading start-ups to the next level. Our focus is in accelerating the world’s “best of breed” innovative and cutting-edge startups in cybersecurity, space, AI and cloud-based technologies through coaching in market development, lean principles, and business development acceleration.


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Since the program was first launched in 2016, more than 80 startups from 44 countries have taken part.

Trafficking prevention

We support the work of charities and non-profit organizations fighting illegal trafficking of wildlife and people, a trade which funds illicit networks globally.

Conflict Resolution

We support charities at the forefront of conflict resolution and use our network to help in veteran rehabilitation.


We raise awareness of technology’s role in tackling corruption and improving transparency, to improve the health of countries’ democracies and to highlight grand corruption which ruins the lives of many of the world’s most vulnerable.

Resource scarcity

Lack of access to vital resources creates unrest and forces communities’ future into poverty. Technology is taking huge strides to eradicate resource inequality. We support projects that raise awareness of technology innovation needed in this vital space.