The pandemic has made investors ask a different set of questions – André Pienaar speaking at PEWlive Europe

News provided by Private Equity Wire How can investors use new technology tools to improve compliance and data security in their portfolio companies? Our CEO, André Pienaar joined industry experts this Wednesday at PEWlive Europe to discuss technology impact from the pre-deal stage across the life of investments.

In a roundup of the conference provided by Private Equity Wire, Karin Wasteson quoted Pienaar’s remarks that one of the main issues today is cyber security risk; that private equity firms want to know the level of risk in their portfolios.

“Other discussion points included that it’s vital to give teams time to change internal tech processes, as well as relationships being forged in the backdrop of less travelling in the future. As a VC investor, Pieenaar said that many within the VC space were already up to speed with the required technology when the pandemic hit.”

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