Social Impact Gaming with Lual Mayen of Junub Games

On January 24th, Lual Mayen, a graduate of C5’s first Accelerator cohort and founder and CEO of Junub Games paid a visit to C5 offices in Washington.

Lual has inspired the team with his ability to translate adversity into activism and innovation. He and his family fled from civil war in South Sudan in 1993 and settled in a refugee camp in Uganda. It was there that Lual discovered computers and learned to code. He created a game called Salaam, which focused on promoting peace and empathy rather than violence. The game puts players in the shoes of a refugee as they find safety, gather resources, and help others.

Lual’s game won the Global Gaming Citizen award last year. We’re humbled to see Lual make the world a better place through social impact gaming.

Listen to the special >> 

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