SiriusXM uses RapidSOS to send 911 detailed crash data

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SiriusXM and emergency tech company RapidSOS are partnering to provide first responders more data in the event of a car crash, the companies announced today. SiriusXM technology that connects drivers to speak with 911 dispatchers is already part of 10 million cars in North America, according to a statement. With RapidSOS, 911 dispatchers will now get critical crash information without having to speak with vehicle occupants.

Uber, Waze and other companies have also partnered with RapidSOS to share customers’ locations and crash data with 911 dispatchers. Under the SiriusXM/RapidSOS partnership, first responders will receive customers’ locations as well as a description of the vehicle, whether airbags were deployed, crash impact data, the number of people in the vehicle and contact information of occupants. RapidSOS users with linked accounts can also choose to share important medical information. All data will be sent “securely and with user consent,” according to the statement. 

Occupants will still be able to speak with 911 dispatchers. However, the direct transmission of the data is important, because relying only on verbal communication takes longer and has a greater risk of error.

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