Next-Gen Fellows: Summer 2020

C5’s Next-Generation Fellowship Programme is designed to produce future leaders and to inspire the innovations of tomorrow.

This summer, C5 Accelerate and C5 Capital launched our Next-Generation fellowship programme. Six spectacular fellows from across the United Kingdom and the United States joined the team to support the C5’s accelerator, investment, communications, advisory, and partnership teams. Each fellow has learned about the fundamentals of venture capital and entrepreneurship. The fellows attended weekly seminars taught by leaders across the firm with decades of public and private sector experience to inspire their passions at the intersection of technology and business.

We’ve asked each fellow, “Where do you see the greatest opportunity and challenge for technology in the next 10 years?

Learn about each fellow below and about the world they envision for the future.

Andrew Gula

George Mason University

Major: Computer Science, BS

Class: 2024

Favorite Hobby / Pastime: Jazz Guitar

“The greatest opportunity and challenge I can see in the next decade is cybersecurity. As data and computing technologies develop, data security will be a huge challenge posed to new innovators, and may reduce the ability of new technologies to stay secure. Cybersecurity will be needed to counter these new challenges, but also provides innovators more opportunities to discover the best way of going about protecting data.”

David Greenberg

University of Maryland College Park

Major: Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business, BS

Class: 2024

Favorite Hobby / Pastime: Exploring technology, finance, learning about large engineering projects, and sports especially basketball, lacrosse, and boating

“By 2030, new technologies will create cheap high-speed internet for the world’s population giving equal access to education elevating families, communities, and connecting countries as never before. The challenge will fall on governments to have the political will to see it through.”

Giacomo Grasso

CASS Business School

Major: Investment Management, MSc

Class: 2022

Favorite Hobby / Pastime: Travelling and reading. My favorite country I have journeyed to is India and my favorite genre of literature is medieval history novels.

“Tech catalyzed by Coronavirus and the shift to remote working, I believe that a huge opportunity lies in developing Virtual Reality for the corporate office space. Being able to connect employees via an AR/VR office environment will not only revolutionize the way people work but also the manner in which citizens go about their daily lives. I personally see huge potential in such a development and view it as the pinnacle of the corporate digital transformation that is taking place.”

Lukas Troost

Vanderbilt University

Major: Economics, BA

Class: 2024

Favorite Hobby / Pastime: Basketball

“Quantum. The age of Quantum Technology is already beginning to occur and once we see a breakthrough in its commercial use, incredible opportunities and potentially devastating threats will emerge. Cybersecurity providers will need to rapidly adapt to help ensure a secure digital future.”

Madeleine Agnew

Swansea University

Major: Chemical Engineering, BEng

Class: 2017

Favorite Hobby / Pastime: Ultimate Frisbee

“I see the greatest opportunity in quantum computing, maybe putting Q computers in space where there’s much lower interference. The challenge lies in security, how to protect data whilst working collaboratively to solve other global problems.”

Michael Fedeli

John Carroll University

Major: Finance and Financial Planning and Wealth Management, BS

Class: 2022

Favorite Hobby / Pastime: reading, writing, watching sports and film, trying new restaurants, and traveling

“The greatest opportunity for tech is to continue to improve the human experience socially, financially, educationally, medically, and much more, without disrupting what is natural and necessary in our human nature. Tech will be here to aid us in future success, not replace us.”

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