Let’s Collaborate to Combat Emerging Cybersecurity Threats: Webinar with the American Hospital Association (AHA)

Today’s attackers efficiently and nimbly collaborate to cause maximum damage. We, as a sector, need to join forces, exchange threat information and identify best practices to form a common defence. We must view an attack against one healthcare organisation as an attack against us all – and to defend one is to defend all.  

Former health care CISO John Ford shares how the Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare has supported healthcare providers in ensuring a robust security posture and outline the tools and tactics at their disposal from the alliance of companies who share the same mission to defend the healthcare sector. 

Learn the tactics employed by cyber criminals, the best countermeasures, as well as tools and methods to defend against our common cyber adversaries and threats.  

What You Will Learn:

  • How a large hospital group altered its security posture to effectively defend against the latest cyber threats including devastating ransomware attacks; 
  • About the latest ransomware threats including “ransomware-as-a-service” by understanding more about threat actors’ motivations and capabilities in order to prepare against them; 
  • How the healthcare sector and the cybersecurity sector need to join forces to get ahead; 
  • You are not alone in this ceaseless battle and there are forms of support to help defend against heightened cyber threats due to the pandemic and beyond. 

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