Key data security considerations for PE groups – An interview with André Pienaar and James Williams at Private Equity Wire

News Provided by Private Equity Wire – Private equity firms are doubling down to tackle the increased cyber threat in light of Covid-19. In an interview with James Williams of Private Equity Wire, André Pienaar, CEO and Founder of C5 Capital and other industry leaders share key data security considerations for private equity and venture capital investors. 

Top tips include: 

  1. Regularly review the cybersecurity performance of each of your portfolio companies.
  2. Ensure cybersecurity is a standing item on the agenda at board meetings across your portfolio.
  3. Consider establishing a cyber resilience programme for LPs to ensure they are at the cutting edge of cybersecurity innovation.

A holistic approach to data security must address the GP board level, PE/VC firm level, and cut across the portfolio. This approach helps differentiate PE/VC firms and demonstrates that data security is a central tenet of the operating model for those at the edge of cybersecurity innovation. 

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