Enveil Delivers ZeroReveal Machine Learning for Secure Advanced Decisioning

Extending the company’s privacy-preserving offerings, ZeroReveal® ML expands the magnitude of enterprise machine learning capabilities through secure collaboration.

Press Release – Enveil, the pioneering data security company protecting Data in Use, today announced the release of its encrypted machine learning product, ZeroReveal® Machine Learning (ZeroReveal® ML), the first adaptable, market-ready solution allowing organizations to process data against an encrypted machine learning model. Building on the success of its ZeroReveal® Search solution, Enveil ZeroReveal® ML fundamentally changes the paradigm of secure data usage by allowing organizations to enable advanced decisioning through collaborative and federated machine learning in a secure and private capacity. The product expansion comes on the heels of the company’s $10 Million Series A funding announcement.

ZeroReveal® ML ensures that machine learning models, and the associated results, remain encrypted throughout the entire evaluation lifecycle. This enables enterprises to leverage machine learning models to securely and privately derive insights from data sources across jurisdictional, third-party, and organizational boundaries, even when using highly sensitive or proprietary models, including those trained on regulated data. The ability to securely evaluate a machine learning model against distributed intra- and inter-organizational data sources opens the door to a number of use cases in the financial services, retail, manufacturing, and government verticals where enhanced risk-based decision making drives positive business outcomes.

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