Collective defence of our healthcare. So it can defend us.


We are seeing an unprecedented number of attacks on our healthcare systems, healthcare providers and laboratories from malicious cyber actors wanting to cause maximum damage to systems and services most in need during the pandemic.

C5 Capital has formed an alliance of cyber professionals who will C.A.R.E. for the cyber defence of our healthcare systems and providers so they can protect us. 

Corporate Partners:

“We’re hugely grateful to have the support of these companies and welcome them to the Alliance. With many of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts now contributing their services and knowledge for free we have a powerful united front to combat cyber threats to global health organizations when they are already under immense strain as a result of this terrible pandemic.”

– André Pienaar, CEO and Founder of C5 Capital

“ITC is excited to be a part of the Cyber Alliance to reduce cyber security risk in a significant way and make the digital world a safer place. As a managed security services provider, operating 24 hours a day, we bring something unique and, especially when combined with the other Alliance members, incredibly powerful. We are honoured to be involved in the Alliance’s first initiative: to provide collective cyber defence for our healthcare services. Currently, these essential services are under exceptional pressures and levels of cyber-attacks. ITC is proud to play its part in protecting the incredible work these organisations are doing to keep our communities safe and healthy.”

– Arno Robbertse, Chief Executive of ITC Secure

“As the COVID-19 outbreak accelerates worldwide, threat adversaries are taking advantage of popular fears about the disease to spread malware that provides them access to sensitive personal and corporate data. We must come together as one — through Collective Defense— to protect and defend global healthcare providers. They represent the front line of this crisis; as cybersecurity experts, we must work together behind the scenes to ensure reliability and continuity of service.”  

General (Ret) Keith Alexander, former Commander U.S. Cyber Command and current Co-CEO and Founder of IronNet Cybersecurity

“We all are experiencing a ‘new norm’ for running our companies and organizations in the ever-changing presence of the global COVID-19 crisis. It is most critical for cybersecurity defenders to come together through Collective Defense to protect the security and operational continuity of healthcare operations — from front-line providers to insurance companies to all stakeholders in the vast ecosystem of ensuring patient care.”

-Bill Welch, Co-CEO of IronNet Cybersecurity

“During this sensitive time, healthcare organizations are getting attacked while trying to operate in crisis mode.  4iQ is committed to helping hospitals and healthcare providers with free domain monitoring service until the pandemic is under control. This offering will uncover compromised employee accounts within the organization’s domain so that they can mitigate risks, better protect themselves and focus instead on helping those that need medical attention.” 

– Doug Dangremond, Sr. Vice President of 4iQ

“During these unprecedented times, we need to defend the real heroes of our time, the healthcare workers. We feel that it’s important that we, as a cybersecurity industry, do our best to keep their systems up and running, avoid attacks and let the true heroes continue to save our lives.”

Olov Norman, Cloud Security Success Manager of Onevinn AB

“While we all want to move quickly to address the needs of community leaders and the collective healthcare community, it is critical we work together to ensure that our near-term actions create a framework for ethical, sustainable solutions. Privacy Enhancing Technologies uniquely protect the privacy and security of sensitive data assets and should be a foundational part of any collaborative solution. We look forward to working with the broader Alliance to bring these tools to the table.”

Dr. Ellison Anne Williams, CEO and Founder of Enveil

“It is very much important that we defend our health care system, the employees of this which make a tremendous job and the patients against the attacks of modern desperados. The cyber alliance to defend our healthcare gives all health care workers the ability to serve focused for the collective good of sick people.”

Olivier Weddrian, Venture Partner, HAVEN Cyber Technologies

“The healthcare industry should be enabled to fight viruses that make us sick and not be distracted by viruses from hackers who want to take advantage of the Covid-19 crisis.”

– Ron Gula, President and Co-Founder, Gula Tech Adventures

“People might come to recognize that technological threats are existential, and therefore require increasing cooperation. Adopting a sense of pragmatic intelligence in the cybersecurity industry, we would develop a coordinated response for protecting the healthcare systems all around the globe. We all know that healthcare units have been pressured constantly over the past weeks, losing not only lives in fight against the COVID -19, but also valuable data and being subject to ransomware attacks. Our medical system is the target of an unfair and criminal war, and only through our combined efforts in the cybersecurity field we will be able to help and protect it from malicious attacks. For Modex it’s a big honor, but also a responsibility to be part of the Cyber Alliance. We joined with our Blockchain Database software solution to offer the powerful protection needed by every medical unit to safeguard against ransomware attacks. Our infrastructure enables centralized legacy systems, commonly used in healthcare, to become distributed systems, resistant to ransomware and other cybersecurity threats.”

– Mihai Ivascu, CEO and Founder of Modex

“SOSA is proud to support the Alliance with access to our global innovation network and technology scouting services. As the chosen operator of NYC’s official Global Cyber Center, we will do our part to connect top cybersecurity companies with opportunities to defend critical healthcare infrastructure, personnel, and patients.” 

– Uzi Scheffer, CEO of SOSA | NYC Global Cyber Center

“As cyber criminals exploit the frenzy around Covid-19, enterprises across industries are seeing a step-change increase in threat activity and it’s never been more important for the infosec community to come together to support and protect critical infrastructure and front-line healthcare providers. TruSTAR is proud to stand with the Cyber Alliance and partner our open source Covid-19 platform project with the work the Alliance is doing to Defend Our Healthcare.”

Patrick Coughlin, CEO and Co-Founder of TruSTAR Technology

“Now more than ever, ensuring that valuable health data can be shared and used safely is of paramount importance. By working together we can ensure a more comprehensive and robust defence for our vital healthcare providers and researchers during this critical time,” said Jason du Preez, CEO of Privitar. “Privitar is pleased to partner with the Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare, by offering our expertise in data privacy. We know from our work with national health providers, global pharmaceuticals and leading health insurers how important it is to complement data security measures with data privacy controls.This layered approach enables safer collaboration over sensitive data and reduces the risk posed by a breach.”

Jason du Preez, CEO and Co-Founder of Privitar

“Our NHS provides essential healthcare to the country and is in the frontline now more than ever due to the current crisis. It is critical that, as a whole, the NHS are able to perform at full efficacy to maximise the chances of people’s survivability should they fall ill. They need to concentrate on providing that critical care without the hindrance of Cyber incidents, such as Phishing, Ransomware, malware and computer viruses that could bring their systems down. Therefore, the prevention and cure that we in the cyber security industry together, can achieve for the NHS is of vital national importance and is needed now, more so than ever. Klaatu IT Security provide preventative and consultative solutions and are offering our “RAPTOR” Cyber Incident Response service as a cure, for free for the next 60 days, for any IT & Cyber security incidents to help protect our national healthcare providers during this pandemic.”

– Nick Howard, CEO of Klaatu IT Security

“Many healthcare organizations have a variety of cybersecurity tools, but they often are limited to a specific piece of infrastructure or a specific area of a network, and the detection capabilities are not strong enough to address today’s evolving cyberattacks. Cynamics is able to monitor the entire network and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict and detect cyberattacks and anomalies in network traffic quickly, so the cybersecurity tools can take action before significant damage is done.”

– Eyal Elyashiv, CEO of Cynamics

“We’ve seen attacks against the healthcare organizations continue to increase, year over year, with ransomware being the main objective. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has created the perfect scenario for these threat actors, as they ramp up their efforts to attack us when we are at our most vulnerable. From Feb to April, Bandura Cyber saw dropped connections targeting our healthcare customers increase from 900 million to over 1 billion, or a 15% increase in blocked known bad IPs and domains. This is unprecedented. Therefore, we are very excited to join the C-5 Alliance, and help deliver protections to the healthcare workers, patients, and volunteers, when they need it most.”

Brian McMahon, CEO of Bandura Cyber


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