C5 in Ten: Interview with Gen. Keith Alexander & Bill Welch, Co-CEOs of IronNet Cybersecurity

C5 in Ten is C5 Capital’s new media platform highlighting portfolio company executives, leading investment professionals, and innovators in the cybersecurity, energy, and space ecosystems.

The growing frequency and sophisication of cyberattacks over the last few years pose consequential threats to our societal well-being and global security. This week, C5 Capital Head of Investor Relations, Chris Cooke sat down with Gen. (Ret.) Keith Alexander and William (Bill) Welch, Co-CEOs at IronNet Cybersecurity to discuss IronNet’s revolutionary strategy of collective defense.

Through a holistic approach to cybersecurity rooted in cross-sector collaboration and threat intelligence sharing, IronNet Cybersecurity is working to shift the balance of power away from adversaries and back into the hands of defenders. See the full video for more.

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