C5 Further Invests in Ionir to Usher in New Era of Data Democratization

Today, we announce C5 Capital’s investment in Ionir. The Ionir container native storage and data management platform for Kubernetes and clouds, enables customers to instantly transport data volumes at scale between clouds. We were delighted to participate in the $11 million round led by Jerusalem Venture Partners.  

Our new commitment follows C5’s initial investment in 2017, and underlines our confidence in the Ionir leadership team to realise a revolutionary new capability in data mobility. Ionir has created a formidable business, and their technology is fundamental to enabling multi-datacenter, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud strategies. 

At C5 Capital, we seek to invest in companies that not only show tremendous growth and promise, but are fulfilling a core need in the market. In addition to our investment we provide these companies with access to our global network of expertise, helping to power their international growth.  

Ionir is ideally placed to support its customers in these challenging times where the pandemic has uprooted millions of companies and organisations of all sizes from the confines of their physical office space to conducting operations virtually.  The shift to enable working from home has brought a new set of data management hurdles, and added complexity to storing information across multiple environments. We have witnessed accelerated digital transformation and cloud adoption yet unseen, as companies rushed to ensure business continuity in the digital world. Businesses have migrated to multi cloud architectures to support remote workloads at scale.  

Ionir is helping international companies and organizations move applications and data between clouds efficiently and speedily. Through its new platform capability Data Teleport, it is leading a new era of data democratization and redefining IT workflows.   

This platform delivers the industry’s first instant mobility capability for persistent volumes, that allows stateful applications to be copied or moved instantly between Kubernetes clusters in under 40 seconds, independent of the size of the volume or the amount of data involved. Based on the unique and proven technology developed by Reduxio, Ionir’s platform eliminates the complexity of storage and data management for Kubernetes-based clouds by allowing customers to build a seamless data layer and a common set of data management workflows independent of the underlying cloud or infrastructure.  

Ionir’s unique proposition and proprietary technology enables it to meet the needs of its rapidly growing customer base and positions it for continued strong expansion and growth. We are excited to be part of that journey, sharing the Ionir team’s vision and passion to transform its markets. 

André Pienaar, Founder and Managing Director of C5 Capital has joined the Board of Directors at Ionir to support their next phase of growth. André said, “As a specialist investor in the cutting-edge cloud and data management solutions powering our digital future, we are thrilled to support Ionir in transforming this market. Data mobility between clouds has historically required advanced planning and significant amount of time, making it difficult for customers to move applications and data to maximise effectiveness of their IT, or to provide resilience in the case of an outage. Ionir is bringing a paradigm shift by eliminating data gravity and time from the equation. The company’s innovative Data Teleport instant data mobility capability is redefining IT workflows in both hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments.”

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