C5 Executive Roundtable on Leadership

In today’s world, having proper leadership is more important than ever to help high-performing teams thrive and reach company goals faster and more efficiently. Last week, we held a C5 Executive Roundtable event titled, “How to Get the Best from Your People” featuring Sir Peter Wall and Jennifer Carnegie of Amicus Ltd. Here are a few key takeaways from this enlightening discussion!

  • Create an environment where employees feel inspired and wanting to work their best. Entrepreneurs are under a lot of pressure and acquiring the right people and incorporating the right culture will help your company find success. Their personal progress will eventually align with your business’ growth.

  • Team members should also be sure to support other members of the who need help. Having resilience both as a team and individually helps to stay strong when things get tough. Remember, you are in this together!

  • Almost all issues in business are people issues. It is important to understand behaviour when working with people- behaviour trumps skills in high-performing teams. The key to understanding is to know what drives people- needs, thought patterns, behaviors, and more. Predictive Index tests like Meyers-Briggs are helpful as they are designed to measure behaviour.

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