Tech Tour 2019 Growth Summit

The Tech Tour 2019 Growth Summit will take place on the 28th-29th March in Geneva and Lausanne. This event will bring together 50+ of Europe’s boldest CEOs and tech entrepreneurs who have the vision and drive to build game-changing businesses.

Tech Tour is an independent organisation that is committed to the development of emerging technology in Europe. The aim of these events is to create synergies between a selection of European start-up companies that aim to develop themselves on an international level and networks of leading figures from the technology industry. The leading figures can include people from the following backgrounds;

  • Industrialists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Service-Providers
  • Players from the Political and Economic scene

Every Tech Tour Growth Summit has a theme on which the event is based. This year’s theme is Redefining Ambition and there will be special activities and CEO only workshops that are based around this concept.

Following the CEO workshops on day one and the Tech Tour Growth Awards ceremony, day two of the event will begin with several guest presentations followed by a series of roundtable discussions covering the impact, and opportunities created digitally. This will be covering many industries, including; Healthcare, Mobility, Blockchain, Business Productivity, Resource Efficiency and Internet of Things. One of the most important parts of the event are the panels going over what it takes to build truly massive companies from Europe.

This is a great opportunity for businesses in the technology industry to meet with tech experts and technology investors, to help build their connections. At C5 Capital, we believe we have the knowledge, investment and connections to help a company accel on to the next stage. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us at our centres here.


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