Review of the StartUp Bahrain Week – C5 Capital

Last week’s StartUp Bahrain Week was a great event for tech startups, and startup communities as a whole, across Bahrain and the region. With activities and talks, hosted conferences, panels, workshops and forums about topics around various subjects including;

  • AI
  • Investments
  • Technology Entrepreneurship

This event was also a good opportunity for startups to start building partnerships with other companies or entrepreneurs looking to invest in the latest and greatest ideas. With possibilities for tech investment with the investors that also attended the week-long event.

In total, there were over 100 start-ups and over 2,500 people that attended the StartUp Bahrain Week from around the world. Backgrounds included those from developed apps that protect against the selling of fake goods, to start-up online stores. There were also many beneficial talks including those from Tom Goodwin of Unbound, who talked about blockchain, artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies.

During Unbound there was a panel held interviewing prominent entrepreneurs, talking about the challenges they faced when starting up companies, and how they overcame them to build their companies to where they are today. Moderators of the panel included: Pakiza Abdulrahman of EDB, with Abdulla AlRadhi from Akalati, Hussain Haji from Inagrab, Hala Sulaiman from AlRawi Media, and Yasser Abdulaziz from Malaeb.

For entrepreneurs, Tamkeen hosted a workshop in collaboration with American Global Consulting. The workshop was about empowering entrepreneurs and how to address and overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship. It taught the basics of leadership, along with innovative ways to solve modern-day problems, important skills for any aspiring entrepreneur to have.

C5 Capital’s social impact investing platform C5 Accelerate also attended the event. Hosted by Zain Bahrain, the special panel featured “Diversity in the Workplace” and discussed gender and race equality in the workplace. Moderated by C5 Accelerate’s Executive Director Hadya Fathalla, the panel also featured; Fatima Haidar from Zain, Tala Fakhro from Economic Development Board (EDB), Wafa Al Obaidat from Obai and Hill, and Leena Al Olaimy from 3BL Associates. The panel featured a discussion on how to encourage diversity in the workplace, how to encourage woman to take on leadership positions, and how to embrace the cultural and educational differences you may encounter in the field.

The StartUp Bahrain Week was a great opportunity for startups and investors alike. At C5 Capital, we are always looking for developed companies to invest in. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us at our centres here.


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