Reduxio Identified as Gaining Market Acceptance

By Mike Grandinetti for Beyond The Blocks – Monday, October 30, 2017

Forrester Positions Reduxio as Innovator
Independent Research Firm cites Reduxio as a “Stable Innovator”



Forrester Research has identified Reduxio as a company “gaining market acceptance by delivering advanced capabilities to address specific problems in the secondary storage and data protection space”1 in the October, 2017 report,  ” Three Vendors Disrupting Integrated Secondary Storage and Data Protection” by Naveen Chhabra with Glenn O’Donnell, William McKeon-white, and Bill Nagel.

Disrupting Integrated Secondary Storage and Data Protection

“Data protection suffers from archaic tools and processes, a lack of innovation and architectural change, and the need for proprietary secondary storage alongside primary storage and software”

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According to the report: “While secondary storage, tiering, and data protection software come under the ambit of the data protection practice, market offerings have been disjointed and firms rarely get results from their investments. Businesses need to improve recovery times, but rarely meet their RPOs – and if they do, it requires heroic engineering effort. The past few years have ushered in disruptive innovation – scale-out hyperconverged platforms, industry-standard infrastructure, cloud-integrated solutions – in this domain that had been long overdue.” “Integrated and secondary storage and data protection will gain widespread adoption in 24 months.”


Integrated secondary storage and data protection is becoming a significant disruptive force, helping everyone drive technological and economic benefits by providing visibility into systems via a centralized console. According to Forrester, the vendors of this disruptive technology promise to:


  • “Converge technology silos and reduce technical debt”
    • Reduxio’s take: Reduxio unifies primary and secondary storage under a single platform, integrating previously disparate capabilities, which allows users to reduce the amount of components that they use to store and backup their data, lowering the total cost ownership.
  • “Simplify the onboarding and operational aspects of data protection … [because] complexity is your enemy”
    • Reduxio’s take: As Primary and Secondary Storage are unified under a single easy-to-use console, teams can very rapidly create, clone, revert and move volumes across systems seamlessly. Since it’s inception, Reduxio has focused on creating a product that’s easy to use, putting a lot of effort on the user experience. Our UI constantly amazes customers and they’ve told us before that it’s so easy to use that they don’t need training to start managing their storage.
  • “Enable seamless, simplified data placement management”
    • Reduxio’s take: Reduxio enables you to move data transparently across locations. Data can be migrated from one system to another, to the cloud and even to 3rd party iscsi systems. Applications can have access to the data even while it’s being transferred in the background. We call this NoMigrate.
  • “Reduce the cost of data protection practices”
    • Reduxio’s take: Customers have eliminated the use of PBBA (Purpose-Built Backup Appliances) thanks to Reduxio. In addition to reducing the cost of data protection, we also simplify the process. Thanks to BackDating, we’ve made snapshots obsolete.


Identified by the report as a company that offers integrated secondary storage and data protection solutions, Reduxio, with the HX series enterprise flash storage arrays, enables 1-second recovery point objectives.


Reduxio as a Stable Innovator

The report details how “Reduxio is on a path to integrate data protection and copy data management capabilities into a platform that provides primary storage for applications” and “makes it easy, effective, and efficient for enterprises to integrate the storage landscape for business applications”.


Among the many factors clients evaluate when choosing Reduxio, there are a number of important “decision factors” cited by the report:

  • HX series: “aims to converge primary and secondary storage”
  • NoRestore: “natively pushes copy data from primary storage to the public cloud”
  • BackDating™: “allows the recovery of data with 1-second granularity, making scheduled snapshots obsolete”
  • NoMigrate™: “allows instantaneous migration of data and applications from third-party storage systems”
  • NoDup and Tier-X™: “offers in-line global deduplication and compression in real time and continuous fine-grained data movement among multiple tiers”


The Future of Reduxio

As Reduxio continues to evolve and mature, so will its products and solutions. With application awareness and use-case-specific workflows, the company “plans to build an as-a-service capability that allows customers to protect applications regardless of whether the data resides in the public cloud or on-premises infrastructure and seamlessly move data and applications between the two.”

The authors conclude that “established players with rich reserves for mergers and acquisitions need the kinds of capabilities that [Reduxio and two other vendors] offers… As the behemoths go shopping for capabilities, [Reduxio, and the two other innovators] will be atop their lists”

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[1] “Three Vendors Disrupting Integrated Secondary Storage and Data Protection”, Forrester Research Inc, October 2017

Written by Mike Grandinetti

Mike Grandinetti is Chief Marketing & Corporate Strategy officer at Reduxio. He has a unique cross-disciplinary background. He has deep operating experience as a serial venture capital – backed entrepreneur across five very successful ventures, was involved as an early team member in the launch of several successful new businesses within Hewlett-Packard, holds long-standing faculty appointments at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Hult International Business School. He also served as a senior management consultant with McKinsey. As a serial entrepreneur, Mike was involved in the formation of 7 advanced technology start-ups and has helped lead five venture-backed start-up companies to successful exits (twice a multiple exit) for his VC investors, inlcuding 2 NASDAQ IPOs and 5 high multiple trade sales to strategics. He currently serves as a Senior Advisor to numerous global start-ups and VC firms across the IT, and is Managing Director of StartupNEXT Boston and a Community Impact Fellow with OpenIDEO.

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