Cyber Security Innovation and the Middle East

C5  Participation  at the IISS Manama Dialogue: 13th Regional Security Summit

IISS-C5 special workshop entitled ‘Cyber Security Innovation and the Middle East’ to be held on Friday 8 December. This session will be held in prelude of the IISS Manama Dialogue: 13th Regional Security Summit in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Technological development, information security and the digital economy are key issues throughout the Middle East. Many of the driving factors, however, either find their genesis abroad or else operate at a truly global level.

Core themes to be addressed will include:

  1. The inherent trade-offs between functionality and security in information and communication technologies (ICT), and how those competing interests can be reconciled in the future;
  2. The impact of global cyber debates on the Gulf region and its technological advancement; and
  3. The past year’s most critical cyber-related events and their strategic relevance.

Speakers include:

  1. General (Retd) Keith Alexander, Chief Executive Officer, IronNet Cybersecurity
  2. Teresa Carlson, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services
  3. Ronald Moultrie, Strategic Partner, C5 Capital
  4. Lt Gen (Retd) Sir Graeme Lamb, Chairman, ITC Advisory Council
  5. Hadyah Fathalla, Executive Director, C5 Accelerate Gulf
  6. Mohammed Al Qaed, Chief Executive Officer, eGovernment Authority of Bahrain

Sean Kanuck, IISS Director of Future Conflict and Cyber Security, will chair the session.

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