C5 Response to Media Reports

C5 Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in fast growing deep technology companies in Europe, Israel and the US. C5’s relationship with AWS is limited to the AWS Activate programme, which supports accelerators to scale early stage start-ups, for C5’s accelerators in Washington and Manama. The content of the AWS Activate programme is a matter of public record.

Neither C5 Capital nor any of its portfolio companies are involved in bidding or lobbying for the US Department of Defence’s JEDI contract.

Viktor Vekselberg is not and has never been an investor in C5 Capital, any of its investment funds, or portfolio companies, either directly or indirectly.

Vladimir Kuznetsov was a minority co-investor in his own right in a European enterprise software company that C5 invested in through C5 Razor Bidco in August 2015, a transparent UK company established specifically for this purpose.

All C5’s investors and co-investors are subject to extensive and regular due diligence led by our Senior Independent Board Director.

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