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Add DoubleClick to Panoply

June 20th,  jasonEvangelist at Panoply

Got Google? We do!

We’re excited to announce that DoubleClick 2 is now integrated with Panoply.

You can now pull up data from DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which is a real-time marketplace, partnered with the Google Display Network, for buying & selling advertising. With Panoply, you can now upload multiple Google based data sources: Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Google Sheets, and now DoubleClick.

Howto: Add DoubleClick to Panoply

Thanks to Panoply’s automated smart data warehouse, it’s never been easier to do marketing ops or marketing data analytics! DoubleClick is just the latest data source added to Panoply, making it faster and easier for your to upload ad metrics data from all the major advertising platforms, which include platforms such as Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Twitter to name only a few.

So how can Panoply help you make sense of all these advertising data sources? We’ll get all your disparate ad metrics data uploaded & sorted for you into clean, clear tables so you can query it, export it, or plug into any visualization or BI tool you want to get actionable insights in minutes, not days or weeks – and no coding or help from your IT team is needed! You’re now self-reliant with your data sources.

Feel free to post any questions you may have about our integrations with DoubleClick and other ad metrics data sources and we’ll be happy to assist.

Panoply Team


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