Cyber Security and the Middle East Panel

C5 Capital partner with the International Institute for Strategic Studies to present Cybersecurity Innovation and the Middle East panel


Internationally renowned experts from business, public policy, military, and intelligence backgrounds came together to assess the future of cyberspace in the Gulf region and beyond


Panel focused on collective security enabled by cloud computing


London 12th December 2017 – C5 Capital Limited (“C5”), the technology investment specialist focused on investing in cloud, cyber and big data held a special seminar on Cybersecurity Innovation and the Middle East on Friday 8th December.

Moderated by Sean Kanuck, from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) US, key issues for the Middle East were discussed by Mohammed Al Qaed, Bahrain Information and eGovernment Authority, General Keith Alexander, IronNet Cybersecurity (“IronNet”), Teresa Carlson, Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), Hadyah Fathalla, C5 Accelerate (“C5A”), Lt. General Sir Graeme Lamb, ITC Secure Networking (“ITC”) Advisory Council and Ron Moultrie, Chairman, C5 US.

During the seminar, panelists carried out a strategic review of 2017 and the year’s critical cyber-related events. The key theme for the panel was cloud computing as an enabler of collective security in relation to cybersecurity. As companies and consumers further embrace technology, there is great potential to make use of the cloud to work together for threat protection, mutual protection and to tackle cybersecurity challenges in a united manner.

General Keith Alexander, Founder and CEO, IronNet Cybersecurity, said: “As the Middle East focuses on growing innovation and technology, there is a simultaneous need to consider cybersecurity in order to allow companies to develop their technology in safety. Increased adoption of cloud computing means that collective security is possible and effective in allowing companies to band together and identify threats. As many Middle Eastern countries have a similar focus in terms of technology development, working together to ensure joint cybersecurity is a natural step.”

Andre Pienaar, Founder, C5, said, “Countries in the Middle East are making strong efforts to realise the potential of their citizens through technology development. Nations such as Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have initiated programmes to encourage entrepreneurship from the top down. As these companies grow, they will need to also pay attention to cybersecurity, a security which is best achieved by working together to present a united front against potential cyber attacks. We have been pleased to see the growth of entrepreneurship and cloud computing in the region and believe collective security through cloud computing is an effective and encouraging tool to allow entrepreneurs and startups to grow and succeed in safety, and with the confidence of their customers.”


The seminar was held as a prelude to the 13th Manama Dialogue, held in Bahrain from the 8th to 10th December 2017.





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