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Update on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme Report on the Department of Defence JEDI Contract

London, United Kingdom, 10 September, 2019.   

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has removed an article on its BBC News Online website which incorrectly reported on C5 Capital, following a ruling from the BBC’s Executive Complaint’s Unit (ECU).

On December 12, 2018 a story was broadcast on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme by journalist Manveen Rana that attempted to link C5 Capital and Amazon Web Services to Russia.

On August 30, 2019, the BBC concluded its own internal investigation into the story after complaints were filed and found that­­ “there was a serious lapse in editorial standards”  in the production of the story and that the journalist could not substantiate the allegations made on the programme.

As a result, the BBC has removed the article from their website and has issued a written apology.

A summary of the BBC’s decision can be found on the BBC Corrections and Clarifications webpage:

Press Contact – C5 Capital

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